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Community Assistance Center

The Focus



No Narcotics or Controlled Substance


The Mission

C.A.C. priority focus is to help those with fixed limited incomes, single parent homes, and families.  We partner with other government, schools, churches and non-profit organizations in the community to help meet needs of families or individuals which they cannot meet.  Our desire is to be a resource in the community and co-laboring to bring wholeness in every aspect of life.

The Process

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

Come in: All potential recipients must come in during office hours to fill out an application. No potential recipient will receive any assistance via telephone or email.  

Application: Upon arrival, a potential recipient MUST fill out an application and provide utility bill, prescription, or any other official proof of request along with I.D. 

Interview: After the completion of the application for assistance and confirmation of need, an interview between C.A.C. staff and the individual requesting assistance will be conducted.

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